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Unanimous vote to suspend Free Speech

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…is exactly what the BoCC did at the Feb 21st meeting. Promoted by local activists enraged by the US Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United, the BoCC by a unanimous voted to issue a proclamation demanding a Constitutional amendment to limit Political Free Speech. Yes, Political Free Speech…as the Founders were not that interested in applying the first amendment in the expression of art…but to that of political speech so that a populace may be able to speak out against a tyrannical Government.

The Procalmation itself was not something out of the ordinary considering where we are..nor was it the lack of wording condemning the president’s use of the ruling to pad his campaign, it was the unamious vote.

I heard not one Commissioner question the restriction of political speech. Was this a pacification exercise? Was I supposed to “understand” this was a mechanism to placate? To earn support for those headed into November?

If indeed this was a cookie tossed out, I really wish the Board could save this type of silliness till the end of the meetings  and allow those issues that affect our purses and properties to be front and center.

I suppose I could be wrong. Perhaps the BoCC does indeed carry enough weight to force a Constitutional Amendment…after all, one reporter thought my biggest task should I be elected was solving the recession.


Contact Info

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Cell 912(ga) 441 SHIP

I do not answer numbers I cannot see, and I apologize now if there is machinery in the background.

Also… I was in a band for a number of years so there are specific frequencies I cannot hear, mostly around the same pitch as “I can’t”.

About Me

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Who is Chris Weaver?
I was raised in Isle of Hope Georgia and baptized in the Isle of Hope Methodist Church. I attended HV Jenkins High School and later attended Armstrong State College (AASU) where I received a Bachelors of Science in Biology and discovered my bride Julie who also majored in Biology.
We started our family on Wilmington Island where I initially worked for the US Fish and Wildlife then later ran my company SeaWeaver Marine Services for 20 years and  Sweet Pea’s Coffee Beans; a whole sale coffee  roaster . Julie has a Master of Business Administration from Mercer University and her growing career as an HR Professional  brought us to North Carolina and we live in Caldwell with our two children. I am currently developing our property and restoring small craft.

I am a conservative, a screaming conservative and that is qualified as I was raised a JFK Democrat. Upon entering business for myself I quickly discovered regulations and intrusive hoops that where not conducive to any business. I discovered my taxes were being wasted and the bureaucrats who’s salary I was paying did not have my or anyone’s private business model in their interests. As our children entered public schools I discovered things that I once held as normal to not be inline with my evolving political foundation.
All the while I was turning into a conservative I still though I was a democrat. I cannot say when I came to the realization that I was no longer a democrat, but it was close to 9-11. I do recall that at the time the Republican Party was not operating in a fashion that I found palatable to my standards as like the Democrat party, it too had become progressive and considered Big Government as the solution  to everything. I remained this way for some time finding some comfort in some Libertarian ideals. Then we had the Tea Party revolution. This movement was full of Independent fiscally minded people like me that ran from the left but were dissatisfied with the way the Republican party had lost its values and were determined to recondition the GOP or replace them. I understand the perception of the Tea Party in Orange county is caricature of rabid right wing extremist, I assure you it, an I are not extremists except in the cause of liberty.

Within two months of relocating here I found a Tea Party group and met with like minded citizens of Orange County. At this meeting I heard what I deemed horror stories of 100% Democrat BOCC running the county and was convinced by a lady who had escaped communism that the only viable way to fight back was to join the Republican party and change it back into what it is supposed to be. So I did. I found in the Orange County GOP many just like me, and now I am the Precinct Captain of Caldwell NC for the Orange County GOP .

We like it here. I want the best for all my neighbors. We must find a less intrusive, less expensive, less restrictive way forward to keep this county viable. We have to or we will continue to lose members of our community. Orange County must not become a transient stop for those seeking an education for themselves or their children. We must allow  it to become a welcome home for generations.


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First Reporter Misquote “Too Many Liberals in Orange” What Fun!

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…and I was only a candidate for 36 hrs!
“Weaver says there are too many Liberals in Orange”

Wrong…”I have never seen the level of progressive liberalism as I do here in Orange”
(possibly a reporter from a local college?(ouch!))

Progressiveness is the scourge. No mater the party that modifies the term. Liberals, democrats, republicans…if progressive, are the problem. Call them statists, call them big Government Lovers…no matter which party they belong to they are the source of ills in the county and beyond.

Government is not the cure. Would anyone wish for more? I can only imagine what Orange county would be like if the BOCC met another two times a month. Think of a Home Owners Association that meets twice a week. The result would be stifiling.

Now think of Texas, the most prosperous state in the nation allows it legislature to meet once every two years.(2x)

What could they possibly be doing there? Little, and allowing the citizens the freedom to be prosperous.

The more time Government spends with it’s fingers in the pocket of the tax payer, the more confused Government becomes about who the money belongs to. The more confused Government becomes of the ownership of treasure, the more it will seek to spend, regulate and tax. The result is less freedom, less mobility for the  Taxpayer to prosper.
There are not too many liberals in Orange, there are too many progressives…and they love government as the tool to enact their dreams.

That has never been the role of Government.

The second reporter misquote?

“Weaver aims to tackle the recession….” Wow. What was I thinking running for County….!

Really…it’s ok…(unless it is a local school producing these reporters 😉

In reply to News of Orange – Why?

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From: “Erin Wiltgen” <>
To: “CHRIS” <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 9:33:18 AM
Subject: Re: News of Orange—commissioner filing

Hi Chris,

I would love to set up a time to meet with you in the next few weeks, but for the registration story we only have room for a quick comment on why you decided to run and any experience you might have that you feel qualifies you for the position. Today we’re putting the paper together, so I don’t actually have time to meet, but if you want to shoot me an email with your answer or give me a call at (919) 732-xxxx that would be great.
Erin Wiltgen
Reporter, News of Orange

I’m running because the people I have met in District 2 are unhappy with the Orange County Commission and their actions. They did not like having a tax referendum on an off -year ballot. They do not feel their interests are being served – instead, the see the interests of central Chapel Hill/Carrboro and downtown Hillsborough being pushed to the forefront of all agendas. I look at the commission and I see no Conservatives.

I am a dedicated citizen and always a good neighbor. My neighbors know I will drop what I’m doing and climb trees in the winter rain to retrieve their cat, pull their car out of a ditch, cut wood for their fire and more. Now,  I’m just expanding my offer to the rest of the county. The people in District 2 feel the Board is against them and will not regard anything except interests of the  Municipalities. The rural priorities are disregarded entirely and supplanted with business-breaking regulation and wasteful spending.
I have simple conservative principles that may be applied to every situation before the county. I want to reduce the burdens on taxpayers and landowners. I do not want to continue to meet people set on moving out of the county or going to Alamance and other counties for their shopping, for their businesses and for their farms.

Chris Weaver

Some thoughts on Taxes and growth

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From the 2010-11 Orange county Budget , a portion of County Manger Frank Clifton’s opening remarks.

The future – Developing the proposed FY 2010-11 Budget has been a difficult task. It forces the County to
make several distasteful choices. It is likely that process will continue for at least the next two to three
Orange County will continue to rely upon increasing residential property taxes as its single largest revenue
source to fund governmental services. A lack of diversity and availability of retail facilities and building
sites puts Orange County at a distinct disadvantage in being able to diversify its tax base and gain the use
of retail sales tax revenues to support public services.
Orange County (2008 #’s) ranked number 2 in the state for per capita income but only number 77 in sales
tax collections per capita at $178 per person (this data was for the time period before the national economy
fell to current levels). Clearly, Orange County residents shop elsewhere.
Beyond current efforts to promote “Buy Local”, no quick fix solution exists. However, an increasingly
thoughtful dialog does need to occur with regards to how Orange County will continue to prosper without a
reliance on ever increasing property values and taxes. Those on limited or fixed income will not be able to
afford the taxes if alternative local government revenue sources are not developed.

We have a problem here. While there seems to be little reduction in the growth of County Government, and calls added burdens of Chapel Hill to be shared by all taxpayers…the  mindset for alternative revenue is just now beginning to CONSIDER evolving.

Taxes did not suddenly become high, spending and requirements of high revenue streams did not suddenly emerge either. This message of  non balance between tax bases and expenditures should have been penned years ago. The expansion of commercial tax base has been an after thought and the hostility toward business models and protracted foot dragging have caused many to locate their industry and tax base beyond Oranges borders. This has obviously been a trend as a result of a single mindset and a singular voting pattern and soon something will have to give. Either the mentality of the Board and it’ spending, or the citizen giving up and moving which is a popular idea I am encountering.

The strategic timing of referendum promoting sales taxes is indicative of a board out of ideas.
The sales and use tax that passed Nov.3 was touted as being for infrastructure to facilitate building sites besides Educational funding, but this money goes right into the general Fund where it may be spent on EI Centro Hispano  ($20K) and EI Futuro ($10k). (page 28-1 OC Budget 2010-11) I do not think the burden of building site infrastructure should necessarily be the burden of the County. If a man wants to plant  my land should I have to break the ground? No, and the same can work for commercial building sites. Providing incentives for Industry to install water/ sewer and electric  relieves the taxpayer of the burden. While such incentives may not work for all venues/industry…it is but one way to keep the Taxpayers treasure in their pockets and increase the commercial tax base.

Another henderance to expanding the commercial tax base ( on the theory Gov will ease the burden on citizens…) is the altruistic notion of a “Living Wage”  that has as I’m told, has run industry away. Even if this is not but one of the reasons a National Hunting and Camping chain did not locate here, it is a persistent progressive concept that fails in the real world. A “living wage” is no different than a mandated minimum wage but can expect to be higher. It effectively interferes with the labor market, thus the business model and results in poor growth if not killing the model. Any arbitrary wage with no relationship to a Business’s costs or structure is bad economics and opens the door  for black market labor. Who is here to take advantage of the black market? Most likely illegal aliens, many of who might also enjoy the Taxpayer provided  quality of life and  behavioral  health  needs  provided by EI Centro Hispano  ($20K) and EI Futuro ($10k)



As indicated by people in the real estate markets, home values are down, sales are down. 20 13 is a Revaluation year and the Real Estate markets knew what this meant before the County did…Lower home values means less revenue for the county. This came as a shock to the BoCC last night to hear the report from the County Tax Collector.
Well…perhaps the shock was theater…but the bad news that many knew was coming is now public.

The Lost Revenue for Orange is projected at 10 million dollars/year until values increase or they raise the millage rate.

Last nights BoCC Work Session was on the CIP or the Capitol Improvements Plan which is a wish list of desired projects and funding plans that projects into the future. Ten Million Dollars in lost annual revenue is but a drop in the bucket for the figures tossed about in the CIP. But clearly, the timing of the Revaluation projection report coming AFTER the CIP wish list at this meeting  is an indication the reluctance of the Board to face the hard stuff first. Reporting future revenue losses after such a spending frenzy is the act of  putting the cart before the horse.