A Comment on Statism and those who desire it for Orange

statism [ˈsteɪtɪzəm]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the theory or practice of concentrating economic and political power in the state, resulting in a weak position for the individual or community with respect to the government
Example: look at the European Union

I’m a bit slow in remarking on this, but in reading Indy Weeks Candidate Endorsements I was struck by this from Penny Rich:

“She identifies as a progressive liberal, and she isn’t afraid to take controversial but necessary stands. Case in point: she wants to keep Orange County trash in Orange by siting small landfills across the county. Rich also wants the county to build a homeless shelter and quit depending on the generosity of the Inter-Faith Council and the religious community.”

Small landfills? Locations please? Are we to expect the same promises made to the RENA community? As a History refresher…which  political party made those promises? the same party of Mrs Rich… the only one ever in control of Orange.

She would add to the burden of OC…by (my words) ” Taking over Homeless aid”…??
by…”quit depending on the generosity“(PR) ??

What is the primary purpose of the Inter-Faith Council and the religious community? Are they NOT supposed to be generous? philanthropic?…GOOD Samaritans? I’m confused… Does  not the use of the word depending imply that Homelessness is a actually the responsibility of the Government? The ends of this logic….have no ends into taxpayers purse.

This is an instance community based organizations are doing ….what they DO  BEST…and a candidate running for the BOCC wishes the county (taxpayers) to assume this role under the pretense of “easing the burden” of Organizations who’s primary mission IS that role.

This is statist thinking. Government assumes all roles in the community as “it can do it better.” It lends itself to central planning. And I am certain that is not what is needed on the BoCC.


Note: Mrs Rich is headed for the BoCC in the fall along with civil rights attorney Mark Dorsin. The Board of Orange Count Commissioners will have never had such a shift in ideology. The current board is center left and there is no indication that it will maintain position or move toward the center with the arrival of these two councilmen. I fully expect to see a decidedly different tack that mimics European  thinking.


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