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BIG CITY: A town-county disconnect

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My reply,

You speak of a disconnect, but I do not think you adequately illustrate this demarcation except perhaps from the perspective of municipal residents seeking to gain the system.

There is a disconnect and it is largely unnoticed by our municipal residents caught up in the ebb and flow town life, but it is not lost at all by District Two Residents. It is lack of leadership, but refined… it is lack of Representation.

As a true resident of the rural community, I meet daily with citizens who feel slighted by the gerrymandered structure that allows District One to always determine their representative ( by sheer population advantage), and results in every elected District Two Representative catering to District One to get re-elected. This lack of representation and the subservient loyalty to District One is the source of the “disconnect in electorate”….but not so much in the actual Board of Commissioners as I pointed out…they know where the votes are and what they must do to get them.

…And as you noted Kirk, 24* thousand votes sends a message…(*24k is the vote count Earl McKee received from a district he does not represent…nearly twice that voted in his district alone…and the margin for Youhaz was even greater in 08.)
When I asked Civil Rights Attorney Mark Dorsin about the civil rights of the District Two being suppressed by another districts population advantage, I got a blank stare.

District Two voters are easy to spot. They are the ones with the strap makes cut deep into their shoulders from serving the interests of District One. They are the ones leaving to the reduced taxation of neighboring counties. Leaving… in spite of historical roots in Orange. To use a word cherished by many here, this is “unsustainable”. As their resentment grows, they leave and their tax share is not quickly replaced as the word goes out…and thus is harder to replace.

District Two voters see the current center-left Board of Commissioners, and they see who is coming and expect a even greater shift. This is a shift not back to the center, but further left and bringing European style progressive ideals to a Board already leaning that direction.
This will not slow down the exodus. It will not inspire investment to come here, and will certainly not temper the historic trend of hostility towards private enterprise and the much needed diversification of our tax base.

There is no check and balance on the Orange County Board of Commissioners. It has been dominated, protected, and insulated since the rise of the Party of Fredrick N. Strudwick in 1890 and to that end it can be said with absolute certainty that every lamentable failure in Orange from the poisoning of the RENA community to the sky high taxation is tied to that singular party. Until a community that cherishes real diversity and fairness in honest representation demands equal opportunity in that representation, this trend will continue and there will be no balance on the Board of Orange County. Honest representation can help this County and all the Communities within.
Note: I did not provide the OC web page explaining (and not) the expansion and election structure has been scrubbed.

Chris Weaver,
Candidate for District Two BoCC
(or…”At Large” via the election structure)



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Comment on the County Budget Hearings and 1st district parent desiring additional funding for school raises and the mechanism they sought to bring it about

Compulsion to raise taxes should not be the first instinct when funding is inadequate. But, most of those at last nights meeting requesting additional funding for the School budgets declared no opposition to this singular method for covering the shortfalls. Orange County ranks number 5 in the state for property taxes, Chapel hill ranks first in taxation for 25 NC municipalities…at what point do we try something new? Here is is hint, the CH town counsel is very excited of an expansion at the 1st District PTA expansion of their thrift shop shop. What do the do at the thrift shop? Demand monies from the citizens walking the sidewalk? No, they sell something.

When the citizen finds themselves in a financial lurch, is the first impulse to demand a raise? No, we generally make hard choices and cut frivolous spending. Cable TV, eating out and fun shopping all are attenuated. And when a deficit occurs that demands immediately…we sell a car, motorcycle ,a boat or some other item of value that is sitting unused.

With the additional status of Orange County High Taxation waving like a red flag to anyone wishing to come to Orange, additional taxes are going to be a greater deterrent. At some point…the magical lure of OC schools and the opposing taxation will reach critical mass. Can we not think of an alternative? The 1st district PTA has…lets sell something, like the Blackwell property… and after we sell a few things, then we can try something else novel, like control spending. This last step will be the hardest as particular voting blocks of the County have a learned appetite for government spending which is….not  “sustainable”.

Signs of recovery from the BoCC!!!!

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Last nights BoCC meeting(5/15) had two promising indicators of economic recovery!

First, the BoCC  plans to kick the revaluation of property down the road to 2015. There was no talk of what would happen if the current trend nationally continues another 4 years….that would result in home values plunging even further, resulting in astronomical rate increases that would send the people into the streets screaming….or packing for Alamance County…

Instead of doing the reval now, with two members seeking election in the fall potentially facing the music early…the option of pushing it out into the future seemed the safest choice….NOT the toughest….Fairest choice.
We HAVE to assume the Commissioners project the future to be better for home values…as no one asked ….what if they are not?  From this I can only conclude they foresee a dramatic change in the course of the nation.( tongue in cheek) this is a good sign! This will surely make being overcharged for our home values worth while………r

Commissioner Alice Gordon said there’s no point expending the time and money to conduct a revaluation if the result is greater inequity for property owners.

“My concern has to do with the equity,” says Gordon. “The reason you revalue is because you want to be fair, and what you are saying is you do not feel you have the data to do that.”

Let us look at this statement. This implies it is the county’s job…to manage the equity in our homes. Really?
To be fair is the reason you revalue …But if our home values are down…what is fair about “being over charged?”

What of the Truth? The Truth being…Values have Gone Down . Truth is…we are being assessed a Tax on Inflated (untrue) valuations. The reason you revalue…IS to be fair and that mean being Honest and dealing with reality.
Reality says that no matter what the County assesses our property at, THE MARKET will determine it value and Thus the REAL equity. The “inferred” equity due to inflated assessment has …is not reality, it is not honest and should not be protected for political insulation.

I would like to see this idea of county action/inaction and it’s implication on property equity be applied to all County rationalizations…especially taxes and fees. I have met many more people since I started running for office who are leaving Orange because of the taxes and politics…which they feel directly affects the EQUITY in their

Kudos to Former Hillsborough Mayor Joe Phelps for trying to share information to warrant the reval taking place next year. Information that shows the amount of DATA used to do the last  near the same what we have now… That information was simply not compatible with November elections and thus it was ignored.

The fallout of a revaluation in which property values have dropped is tough on budgets and must be dealt with, but that is the way it works in the real world. By ignoring this truth we stray into inflated budgets, reckless spending and general bad habits that come back to bite us in a recession. It is unfortunate the Board chose not to deal with this fact.

Mr. Jinks was quite prescient in his remarks last winter when he first warned the Board of the pending shorts in valuation and the conjunction of elections…He was certainly speaking the truth then.

Second, the vote on the principle of the Transit plan….while close, was another indication of good things to come Nationally. As the greatest source of funding for the Light Rail that will serve UNC/Duke will come from Federal monies, and everyone knows of the abysmal condition of the National debt, and that the entire lifetime tax revenues to be generated by ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren has already been spent….Those that voted FOR this tax plans MUST see great thing on the horizon.
….or…they simply know where their votes come from.

I have no desire to make “safe” votes. I will vote to keep the citizens treasure in their pockets and compel the County government to live with in it’s means and reality… and when times get tough, reduce the budget accordingly…and will vote against any project that serves a select minority at the expense of other citizens…including the citizens of the nation.

Another overlooked aspect of the Transit Plan/Tax?  The tag fees. Who has more tags in their possession? The farmer w/ 3 trucks and 4 trailers? Or the UNC student/Employee?  Who will be riding the Train and who will be paying for it?

I will do and vote for those hard things that affect Government first before I compel majorities of citizens to do hard things for the few. I have no future political ambitions other than to see more citizens like me who will rise and assume control of our course.

Home Revaluations kicked down the road

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Here is the back ground in an earlier post.

Well it will be official by Tuesday night…. Home owners with depressed home values will continue in essence to be overcharged via inflated values… so the county and municipalities will not have to deal with the lost revenue.

When we did not save enough money, we do not go on vacation.

When we did not save enough money , we ate beans and rice.

When you are the County and you did not save enough money and you discover your what you are taxing the property more than you should be….the option is…. keep it up.

Note in here  that the County Manger did include the cost of a revaluation process in the next budget…but did bother to make cuts (beans and rice) to negate the 9.9 million the county will overcharge the taxpayer..


How to Volunteer

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Friends there is no “How To” guide to “run” a campaign from scratch like I am so forgive me for not thinking of having a Volunteer section!  Thanks to those who have asked.( if anyone would like to help my son manage please ask!)
Please contact me either by phone or email and let me know what you can do and there is something everyone can do.

I need people who can:

attend events around the county

make calls to their friends

make calls to voters

make signs

walk neighborhoods

Simply share who I am…especially in the First District!

My cell number is 912 (ga) 441 seven 44 seven.  Sorry for the Georgia Number, but I still have many clients in Ga from my 20 years of service.
I will talk to anyone about anything, at any reasonable hour. There is no need to speculate about how I would vote on a issue…just ask.

My email is  Subject: volunteer

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Email Cell 912(ga) 441 SHIP I do not answer numbers I cannot see, and I apologize now if there is machinery in the background. Also… I was in a band for a number of years so there are specific frequencies I cannot hear, mostly around the same pitch as “I can’t”.

On Government Transparency…

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There have only been a few BoCC sessions I have missed since I decided to run and I am always appalled at the lack of citizens that attend. But As I noted in my post Deserts First… there seems to be a reason for this.

I truly believe that if the Proceedings of the County reached 10% of the citizens, participation would increase and thus form better government.

I and many citizens were lead  by the BoCC to believe we were going to be included in crafting the Weapons Ordinances. We have not been. And I have continually asked for community participation in this, and continually have gotten the run around by the Board and the County Attorney

I have stood on intersections of the county with home made signs to alert citizens of pending meetings that affect taxes and then have railed at the pathetic community outreach by the board… before the board on substantive issues.

I have demanded and received public information sessions so the community could be better informed as to plans and designs to spend future taxes to be imposed.

I have asked for and as yet received only an answer of NO in regard to live video streaming of BoCC work Sessions (where the sausage is being made)…So I will be providing that stream myself to the community.

My Conservative running mate Mary Carter and her Husband Dave and myself have started a community bulletin board on Face Book to help keep citizens connected as to what is happening with their Government and Community.

The BoCC is planning to do something….they intend to hire a “Communications specialist”. Top Salary?  $106,000.

The Commissioners are OUR employees, they ARE our liaison to County Government. If they require and additional position to augment they one they have….in ADDITION  to themselves….and simple, common technology then they are not really interested in community involvement in Government.