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BOCC Will Talk EMS Response Time Thursday

Posted in In the media on August 30, 2012 by seaweavermarine

Reply to the WCHL story:

I cannot attend tonight. It should be interesting. Given the average 45 minute response time and the millions spent purchasing land all over the county, it is hard to reconcile why the citizens of district two have been allowed to languish for so long. I spoke to a lady two months ago who’s husband was rescued by Roxboro EMS in 20 minutes..and Orange shows up 20 minutes after they left.
The New Ambulances were very expensive and may not fit on many of the smaller drives and lanes in the county. I would have preferred to see smaller, and more vehicles. My idea is to get initial treatment fast and transport to a hospital, not bring a hospital to the scene.

A ” consultant recommends adding ambulances, staff and new stations in areas outside of Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough to get medical help faster to people in need.“.

..I do not think paying a consultant to tell the citizens or the BoCC this was required. With our current mapping technology that already tells us how many roads mile we are from a fire station, surely we could have figured this and the locations out on our own.

It is good to see Commissioner McKee working to sort out leasing arrangements between orange Rural FD to allow EMS to station at these locations. I am curious however what the BoCC did with the offer from the owner of Orange County Speedway when an acre was offed for an EMS station was presented to them years ago. As the Speedway is forced to have EMS on site now in spite of their own NASCAR accredited safety workers and EMTs, this would have helped save the Speedway money, the County money, and located critical services in a strategic location.


Bureaucratic Incumbents, the Elite to guide our Lives

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Bureaucratic Incumbents, the Elite to guide our Lives

There is a growing idea that the mechanism of Government is too complex for the average citizen. This has been proposed by Democratic candidates for public office. They suggest the intricacies of Governance are too complicated for the regular people to attempt to undertake. This idea yields entrenched Bureaucrats who are consistently promoted and championed by other bureaucrats and media.

At some point the notion that Governance requires special people to lead results in the idea that we as regular citizens cannot manage our own affairs. If the average citizen can no longer manage their own affairs, then the result is that we must have Experts to do it for us.  This is madness.

It is Conceit which has marginalized District Two. Look at the backgrounds of those running for office and those on the County Board now. They all have been brought up through the ranks of Bureaucrat development. They were all Bureaucratic Incumbents prior to actually being elected.
There are only two people running for Orange County Commission that are not   Bureaucratic IncumbentsMary Carter and me, Chris Weaver.

In 2006 the County expanded the seats on the Commission from Five to Seven supposedly to offer the rural voter more input. This was a ruse. The marginalization of District Two is pronounced in intentionally skewed method of election of representatives.

District Two has 2 Representatives specific for the district. BUT, Rural voters in District Two are not told that the Chapel Hill/Carrboro voters of District One get to vote on District Two’s Representative. Further, the District One voting count is far greater than District Two (remember all those students?). This means that District One (Chapel Hill and Carrboro) will always choose the representative that suits the interests of District One, not the interests Rural Voter. District Two also may vote on District One Representatives but can only marginally affect the outcomes due to their less significant voting population. Added insult comes when sitting District Two representatives curry favor from this larger voting population in their Board voting.

This is no mistake. This method was chosen specifically to place the rural voter under the “care” of District One and Bureaucratic Incumbents. It is embedded in the idea that we as  regular citizens cannot manage our own affairs. Government large and small has come to view the Citizen as servants, we must correct this. Government is to serve the Citizen, and Representatives are to vote according interests and values of their district.
Regular Citizens can manage their own affairs, however if they do not participate in the political process they will soon come to be governed by their inferiors.

Mike Rowe of the TV show Dirty Jobs wrote a letter to Mitt Romney on the loss of stature for skilled labor…and in the comments was this gem…

Mike, there is another reason that skilled tradesmen (and women!) have been diminished in the eyes of the public.

In the last century, we have gradually replaced a healthy respect for wisdom and experience from any source, with the blind worship of the mere appearances of intellect … credentials, position, the ability to articulate one’s views in ways that are considered “intellectual” by our popular culture.

We have placed these “experts” who embody those mere appearances, on pedestals as though they are omniscient … forgetting that they still have the limits of human perception and capacity for human error … while devaluing the capabilities of MILLIONS of people who are far closer to the “dirty jobs” of living free and pursuing happiness than the high-and-erudite; millions who might just have better answers for the problems in their midst than such geniuses.

Mountain to Sea Trail and the Rights of Citizens

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I have no issue with trails especially when they already exist. But these additional trails force many questions that need to answered definitively rather than be allowed to proceed by   the “appearance” of cohesion on the party of the community.

That said, I thought this “Open House” was a horrible format to answer questions to the community. It is nice to mill around and gather insight but a formal Q&A is needed. This “Open House” follows the Rand Corporation’s prescription for “Guiding community Consensus”. There was no unified Q&A session were all citizens could ask questions and collectively hear the answers. Spread around the room voicing questions and concerns limits the ability for all to participate in unified dissemination of answers. By receipt of questions on paper, those in charge answer those questions they choose. When I asked Rick Shaw if there was to be a Collective Q&A where we might all hear… he said no.

One of my greatest concerns in the advancement of this Trail Plan is the issue of Riparian Rights.

When looking back at the Final SOCF Guide from 2000 and the precursor 1999 Measuring Sustainability index, control of all surface water is readily apparent goal. This trail, complicit or not, provides a mechanism to further that goal set out 14 years ago. These are New Alternate trails (not mentioned in the article), and all follow watersheds. Add to this the Best Management Practices of fencing off streams by farmers via State programs further ads a layer of separation between the landowner and a critical resource that is vital to agriculture.

The map provided has future “alternate trails” all over the county….all follow every watershed.

As farmers and landowners allow degrees of separation between themselves and resources on their land, they should be acutely aware of what they a ceding and to whom …and the difficulty of remediation in the future. These same controlling entities are the very same ones that had the idea to place meters on your wells not too long ago.

Also not mentioned in the article and what was poorly and confusingly addressed at the meeting, was the issue of Liability. In today’s culture this is huge. How are land owners to be protected? Is the State (our tax dollars flow from the state to MTST), The County going to provide an Indemnity Contract to the landowners? This is critical component I would demand.

What of property devaluation due to easements? On a Real Market level people moving to the rural areas are not doing so to be next to a public 24/7 access trail. This will affect market value. Will this be reflected in the Taxes? Given the Counties choice to continue taxing Orange at an inflated market value by not proceeding with a revaluation, I would guess every “Opt in” land owner would have to demand a revaluation individually.

What happens during Hunting Seasons? MTS folks already have stumbled into coyote hunters while flagging private property with out permission. During Hunting season will Hikers be required to wear 500 square inches of Safety Orange?

The citizens of this county need a General Hearing so that Questions may be asked and answered to a sufficient standard rather than have cheery picked questions and answers meted out. It also be nice to know that Sovereign Rights of our Citizens do not take a back seat to the goals established by non Sovereign entities through Active Membership by our local Governments.

1999 Measuring Sustainability index….

SOCF Master Guide

The United Nations Planning Branch ICLEI (Orange is a dues paying Member) Planning guide with similar water control goals.(this is but one guide)

The Prepared report for OC from ICLEI  with general goals of  water control.

As a side note:
There may yet be another angle for The MTST push for alternate routes.
Orange county has is near maxing out it’s limitations on the 2009 Nutrient loading regulations and thus imposing limits on Development. As Developers (…the right Developers) and League of Municipalities have been able to forestall reaching the cut off limits for their activities by manipulating the state legislature into NOT protecting farms (along the water sheds) and thus allowing the farm land to become a Nutrient “sink” (via restrictions on fertilizer and animal count ), acquisition of easements along the streams under the pretenses of Nature Trails, further ads a margin of Buffering  to stave off  reaching this critical Nutrient Loading threshold on our water sheds….and putting the breaks on all development.

Geology has not worked in the favor of salesmen. Orange County and the Triangle have been marketed around the nation for decades. Nitrogen and P04 run off is near Federal max due to soil composition. To continue what is in development, or future development, biological sinks are needed to retain nutrient. Who is between(down hill) of the sources and the streams were data is collected? Individuals and their private property
The interests that have sold this area require more time to complete their objectives by any means. The MTST alternate routes especially those east of Chapel Hill can be seen as a time extending device (nutrient absorbing device…). Kinda like leaving the lights on a bit longer on the sales lot.

The proposed trail and future alternates Link below. (note: in my hypothesis above, the biological sinks west of Carrboro are immediately addressed for developers/nutrient loading limits by laws and regulations to drive those farmers out. As it appears they fail by design,  automatic ETJ annexation continues west towards the primary proposed MTST.