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Meet the Conservative Candidates Sept 20th

Posted in Uncategorized on September 18, 2012 by seaweavermarine

Meet the Conservative candidates at the Cedar Grove Ruritan Club Sept 20 6-7 pm
6116 Efland-Cedar Grove Rd
Cedar Grove, NC 27231


Reply to Eno Economic Rezoning

Posted in In the media, Taxes and Managment on September 10, 2012 by seaweavermarine

This County is SO far behind in diversifying its tax base. The only thing that seems to take root here are Non Profits. As this county loves to spend money and acquire land it must find alternate revenue streams and relieve the burden on the property owner.  The best way to do this is to encourage and build into economic districts.

That said, the NIMBY or in this case Not In My Yard…effect is strong and understandable…but equally as strong is the harness that cuts into the shoulders of the bulk of the citizens of this county as they toil for District One dreams.

The EEDD has been on the table for some time, perhaps the citizens of the area have not been fully aware or perhaps living under the idea that the type of political/economic structure of the county is ( magic word) sustainable…

It is not, and even the most obtuse to development have finally looked down the road and seen the bleak future under the spending habits vs. the revolting (leaving) tax base.

The citizens in the west EDD and east do have the comfort that the Republican General Assembly passed a new State Law that forbids unwanted Annexation so the thought of bearing a Durham or Mebane tax in addition to the soon to be 4th highest County tax in the state (if Chapel Hill transit tax passes) may be dispelled.

As this crisis of Taxation is reaching a critical level, it is important to understand this did not occur overnight. It is strictly the result of 122 years of one party domination and the added insult of environmental extremism topped off by guidance of the United Nation under County and city (CH) membership. Had this county had a balance approach to development and diversification we would not be at this junction. I feel for the residents of the EEDD, I know what encroachment feels like, but I also see the deep strap marks in the shoulders of property owners around the county who have borne the load of county excess and they need relief as well.

I also know FULL WELL there is NO guarantee that should Private industry decide to relocate here… with the massive amount of regulation and Taxation….that the county COULD ease the burden on the property owners of the county. But, they may deem the current exorbitant rates as… (magic word) “Sustainable” and then proceed to spend the revenue generated from any industry as “found” money.

I would remind the citizens of the EEDD that given the History of Orange County, the hostility to Development and the Taxation…It could be a great while before the EEDD begins to build out. If Economic power houses like Cabalas, Wal-Mart, Tanger Factory Outlets and South point Mall can see the writing on the wall should they venture into Orange, you can bet others will too. These industries compete in the real world and are not prone to making bad decisions as the money they spend is their own.

The nature of Orange illustrated, I would recommend following the Planning Boards prescription of less than Half be rezoned.