Daily Tar Heel Questionnaire


Name: Chris Weaver

Age: ?

Town/City: Caldwell

Career/Occupation: Self employed Marine Contractor

Political Affiliation: Republican

Political Career: I have Zero Years of Bureaucratic training.


If elected, what are your top three goals you want to accomplish during your term?
1. End the gerrymandered structure that allows for district interference in the Commissioner Election process. The result of which is the entire Board catering to the larger voter base of one district.

2. Expand Economic development

3. Reduce Taxes and Regulation

What makes you a better candidate than your opponent?

There never has been a Republican elected to the commission in this county’s history. A famous leader once said, “If everyone is thinking the same thing, no one is thinking”. This applies to governing bodies as well. If everyone on the Board thinks the same way, there will be no change in Orange. The political make up of the board is going to shift hard to the ideological left when the unchallenged commissioners arrive from Chapel Hill. As a token Republican for diversity’s sake I would not be alter the balance of principles, but I can provide a voice for a large population that has been marginalized in the county and provide an ideological check.

What is your opinion on the proposed transit plan?
The Light rail portion is an albatross. It will confiscate resources from an otherwise good Bus plan. The Light Rail is track is minimal in Orange County but will absorb the bulk of Local, State and National taxpayer monies. It is funded by a Legacy Tax that will never end and property owners of this county will pay for it in their sleep. The Proponents of the Rail have been selling the plan to Students who will not pay the tag fees as they own no vehicles or are not required to register them in Orange. The supposed economic development along the scant 4 miles in Orange will face the First District’s historical hostility towards growth, and will never offset the costs of the portion in Orange AND the portion in Durham that Orange citizens will be responsible for.

How would you increase economic development and the local economy?
Less taxes + less regulation = more economic freedom. It’s pretty simple but it works every time it is tried. We have dedicated economic development zones, but prospective industry still must contend with our 700 pages of regulatory restrictions and our soon to be 4th highest property taxes in the state. This makes it near impossible to compete with neighboring counties who have only 70 pages of regulations and greatly reduced property taxes. Water and sewer alone are not strong enough magic to overcome a mountain of red tape. Taxes and regulation that drive industry to sit outside of our borders must be addressed and fast as we are rapidly loosing share. The Walmarts, Cabelas, Tanger Outlets, and Malls strategically avoid Orange for the sole reason that it makes good business sense to avoid Orange. If it practical for retail, it is practical for other industry except Non Profits which can avoid the Taxation. If I am hired to serve the Citizens to the Board of Commissioners, it would send a signal of change in Orange to the business world. I will not be able to push the door open with out help, but business leaders would know there is someone trying to open the door.

How would you diversify Orange County’s tax base, which is predominantly generated by property taxes?

As I noted, less taxes and less regulation will accomplish this. If for nowhere else, the economic development districts must have greatly reduced burdens of both to attract industry. The key is not allowing Government to spend the tax revenues generated by increased development, but make sure the monies are returned to the citizen in greatly reduced taxes.

What is your plan for remediation in the Rogers-Eubanks community?  Do you have any plans beyond the water and sewage hookups that have already been promised?

Fix it.  The government that created and poisoned the land, and then made 40 years of promises should not wait another day. As local governments quibble about who owes what, time is wasted. Orange County should do exactly as the regular citizen does when short on money, sell something.

Orange County has been in the land buying business and owns prime real estate that can be sold to offset the costs of such an egregious mistake. The land must be made safe if possible in addition to the water and sewer improvements. If the costs and the risk of opening up a superfund site in trying to re-mediate the soil then selling prime real estate should perhaps become trading prime real estate. The Blackwell property is large enough and not to far removed.


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