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A reminder of how District Two serves District One

Posted in Uncategorized on November 4, 2012 by seaweavermarine

Here is the  County link to the expansion of the County Commission Referendum of 2006.

The Question and Answer component NEVER addresses the fact that the most populace District will always control the Board due to their population advantage and thus ALL Board members pander to D1.  (perhaps to attain the HC benefits provided to County Reps… that district one rebelled against… when their Town Counsel tried to snare the same Health Care benefits for life…)
Actually this is not the part that is UN-constitutional to the NC Constitution…it is the disparity of representatives in a electi0n cycle. This year D1 has 3 choices, D2 has 2.
Standing and speaking to people waiting in line at Carrboro Early Voting,  no one thought this consolidation of power in one district was fair or equitable…and everyone was holding a blue democrat sample ballot. Many said they would vote for me. I asked them to do so, or abstain.
I ask ALL district One voters to do the same.

This is a sham of an election structure.
Here, Democrat Citizen Will agrees (from 2006)