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Cell 912(ga) 441 SHIP

I do not answer numbers I cannot see, and I apologize now if there is machinery in the background.

Also… I was in a band for a number of years so there are specific frequencies I cannot hear, mostly around the same pitch as “I can’t”.


About Me

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Who is Chris Weaver?
I was raised in Isle of Hope Georgia and baptized in the Isle of Hope Methodist Church. I attended HV Jenkins High School and later attended Armstrong State College (AASU) where I received a Bachelors of Science in Biology and discovered my bride Julie who also majored in Biology.
We started our family on Wilmington Island where I initially worked for the US Fish and Wildlife then later ran my company SeaWeaver Marine Services for 20 years and  Sweet Pea’s Coffee Beans; a whole sale coffee  roaster . Julie has a Master of Business Administration from Mercer University and her growing career as an HR Professional  brought us to North Carolina and we live in Caldwell with our two children. I am currently developing our property and restoring small craft.

I am a conservative, a screaming conservative and that is qualified as I was raised a JFK Democrat. Upon entering business for myself I quickly discovered regulations and intrusive hoops that where not conducive to any business. I discovered my taxes were being wasted and the bureaucrats who’s salary I was paying did not have my or anyone’s private business model in their interests. As our children entered public schools I discovered things that I once held as normal to not be inline with my evolving political foundation.
All the while I was turning into a conservative I still though I was a democrat. I cannot say when I came to the realization that I was no longer a democrat, but it was close to 9-11. I do recall that at the time the Republican Party was not operating in a fashion that I found palatable to my standards as like the Democrat party, it too had become progressive and considered Big Government as the solution  to everything. I remained this way for some time finding some comfort in some Libertarian ideals. Then we had the Tea Party revolution. This movement was full of Independent fiscally minded people like me that ran from the left but were dissatisfied with the way the Republican party had lost its values and were determined to recondition the GOP or replace them. I understand the perception of the Tea Party in Orange county is caricature of rabid right wing extremist, I assure you it, an I are not extremists except in the cause of liberty.

Within two months of relocating here I found a Tea Party group and met with like minded citizens of Orange County. At this meeting I heard what I deemed horror stories of 100% Democrat BOCC running the county and was convinced by a lady who had escaped communism that the only viable way to fight back was to join the Republican party and change it back into what it is supposed to be. So I did. I found in the Orange County GOP many just like me, and now I am the Precinct Captain of Caldwell NC for the Orange County GOP .

We like it here. I want the best for all my neighbors. We must find a less intrusive, less expensive, less restrictive way forward to keep this county viable. We have to or we will continue to lose members of our community. Orange County must not become a transient stop for those seeking an education for themselves or their children. We must allow  it to become a welcome home for generations.


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