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How to Volunteer

Posted in How to Volunteer! on May 11, 2012 by seaweavermarine

Friends there is no “How To” guide to “run” a campaign from scratch like I am so forgive me for not thinking of having a Volunteer section!  Thanks to those who have asked.( if anyone would like to help my son manage please ask!)
Please contact me either by phone or email and let me know what you can do and there is something everyone can do.

I need people who can:

attend events around the county

make calls to their friends

make calls to voters

make signs

walk neighborhoods

Simply share who I am…especially in the First District!

My cell number is 912 (ga) 441 seven 44 seven.  Sorry for the Georgia Number, but I still have many clients in Ga from my 20 years of service.
I will talk to anyone about anything, at any reasonable hour. There is no need to speculate about how I would vote on a issue…just ask.

My email is  Subject: volunteer