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Reply to Eno Economic Rezoning

Posted in In the media, Taxes and Managment on September 10, 2012 by seaweavermarine

This County is SO far behind in diversifying its tax base. The only thing that seems to take root here are Non Profits. As this county loves to spend money and acquire land it must find alternate revenue streams and relieve the burden on the property owner.  The best way to do this is to encourage and build into economic districts.

That said, the NIMBY or in this case Not In My Yard…effect is strong and understandable…but equally as strong is the harness that cuts into the shoulders of the bulk of the citizens of this county as they toil for District One dreams.

The EEDD has been on the table for some time, perhaps the citizens of the area have not been fully aware or perhaps living under the idea that the type of political/economic structure of the county is ( magic word) sustainable…

It is not, and even the most obtuse to development have finally looked down the road and seen the bleak future under the spending habits vs. the revolting (leaving) tax base.

The citizens in the west EDD and east do have the comfort that the Republican General Assembly passed a new State Law that forbids unwanted Annexation so the thought of bearing a Durham or Mebane tax in addition to the soon to be 4th highest County tax in the state (if Chapel Hill transit tax passes) may be dispelled.

As this crisis of Taxation is reaching a critical level, it is important to understand this did not occur overnight. It is strictly the result of 122 years of one party domination and the added insult of environmental extremism topped off by guidance of the United Nation under County and city (CH) membership. Had this county had a balance approach to development and diversification we would not be at this junction. I feel for the residents of the EEDD, I know what encroachment feels like, but I also see the deep strap marks in the shoulders of property owners around the county who have borne the load of county excess and they need relief as well.

I also know FULL WELL there is NO guarantee that should Private industry decide to relocate here… with the massive amount of regulation and Taxation….that the county COULD ease the burden on the property owners of the county. But, they may deem the current exorbitant rates as… (magic word) “Sustainable” and then proceed to spend the revenue generated from any industry as “found” money.

I would remind the citizens of the EEDD that given the History of Orange County, the hostility to Development and the Taxation…It could be a great while before the EEDD begins to build out. If Economic power houses like Cabalas, Wal-Mart, Tanger Factory Outlets and South point Mall can see the writing on the wall should they venture into Orange, you can bet others will too. These industries compete in the real world and are not prone to making bad decisions as the money they spend is their own.

The nature of Orange illustrated, I would recommend following the Planning Boards prescription of less than Half be rezoned.


BOCC Will Talk EMS Response Time Thursday

Posted in In the media on August 30, 2012 by seaweavermarine

Reply to the WCHL story:

I cannot attend tonight. It should be interesting. Given the average 45 minute response time and the millions spent purchasing land all over the county, it is hard to reconcile why the citizens of district two have been allowed to languish for so long. I spoke to a lady two months ago who’s husband was rescued by Roxboro EMS in 20 minutes..and Orange shows up 20 minutes after they left.
The New Ambulances were very expensive and may not fit on many of the smaller drives and lanes in the county. I would have preferred to see smaller, and more vehicles. My idea is to get initial treatment fast and transport to a hospital, not bring a hospital to the scene.

A ” consultant recommends adding ambulances, staff and new stations in areas outside of Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough to get medical help faster to people in need.“.

..I do not think paying a consultant to tell the citizens or the BoCC this was required. With our current mapping technology that already tells us how many roads mile we are from a fire station, surely we could have figured this and the locations out on our own.

It is good to see Commissioner McKee working to sort out leasing arrangements between orange Rural FD to allow EMS to station at these locations. I am curious however what the BoCC did with the offer from the owner of Orange County Speedway when an acre was offed for an EMS station was presented to them years ago. As the Speedway is forced to have EMS on site now in spite of their own NASCAR accredited safety workers and EMTs, this would have helped save the Speedway money, the County money, and located critical services in a strategic location.

BIG CITY: A town-county disconnect

Posted in In the media on May 25, 2012 by seaweavermarine

My reply,

You speak of a disconnect, but I do not think you adequately illustrate this demarcation except perhaps from the perspective of municipal residents seeking to gain the system.

There is a disconnect and it is largely unnoticed by our municipal residents caught up in the ebb and flow town life, but it is not lost at all by District Two Residents. It is lack of leadership, but refined… it is lack of Representation.

As a true resident of the rural community, I meet daily with citizens who feel slighted by the gerrymandered structure that allows District One to always determine their representative ( by sheer population advantage), and results in every elected District Two Representative catering to District One to get re-elected. This lack of representation and the subservient loyalty to District One is the source of the “disconnect in electorate”….but not so much in the actual Board of Commissioners as I pointed out…they know where the votes are and what they must do to get them.

…And as you noted Kirk, 24* thousand votes sends a message…(*24k is the vote count Earl McKee received from a district he does not represent…nearly twice that voted in his district alone…and the margin for Youhaz was even greater in 08.)
When I asked Civil Rights Attorney Mark Dorsin about the civil rights of the District Two being suppressed by another districts population advantage, I got a blank stare.

District Two voters are easy to spot. They are the ones with the strap makes cut deep into their shoulders from serving the interests of District One. They are the ones leaving to the reduced taxation of neighboring counties. Leaving… in spite of historical roots in Orange. To use a word cherished by many here, this is “unsustainable”. As their resentment grows, they leave and their tax share is not quickly replaced as the word goes out…and thus is harder to replace.

District Two voters see the current center-left Board of Commissioners, and they see who is coming and expect a even greater shift. This is a shift not back to the center, but further left and bringing European style progressive ideals to a Board already leaning that direction.
This will not slow down the exodus. It will not inspire investment to come here, and will certainly not temper the historic trend of hostility towards private enterprise and the much needed diversification of our tax base.

There is no check and balance on the Orange County Board of Commissioners. It has been dominated, protected, and insulated since the rise of the Party of Fredrick N. Strudwick in 1890 and to that end it can be said with absolute certainty that every lamentable failure in Orange from the poisoning of the RENA community to the sky high taxation is tied to that singular party. Until a community that cherishes real diversity and fairness in honest representation demands equal opportunity in that representation, this trend will continue and there will be no balance on the Board of Orange County. Honest representation can help this County and all the Communities within.
Note: I did not provide the OC web page explaining (and not) the expansion and election structure has been scrubbed.

Chris Weaver,
Candidate for District Two BoCC
(or…”At Large” via the election structure)


Posted in In the media on May 23, 2012 by seaweavermarine

Comment on the County Budget Hearings and 1st district parent desiring additional funding for school raises and the mechanism they sought to bring it about

Compulsion to raise taxes should not be the first instinct when funding is inadequate. But, most of those at last nights meeting requesting additional funding for the School budgets declared no opposition to this singular method for covering the shortfalls. Orange County ranks number 5 in the state for property taxes, Chapel hill ranks first in taxation for 25 NC municipalities…at what point do we try something new? Here is is hint, the CH town counsel is very excited of an expansion at the 1st District PTA expansion of their thrift shop shop. What do the do at the thrift shop? Demand monies from the citizens walking the sidewalk? No, they sell something.

When the citizen finds themselves in a financial lurch, is the first impulse to demand a raise? No, we generally make hard choices and cut frivolous spending. Cable TV, eating out and fun shopping all are attenuated. And when a deficit occurs that demands immediately…we sell a car, motorcycle ,a boat or some other item of value that is sitting unused.

With the additional status of Orange County High Taxation waving like a red flag to anyone wishing to come to Orange, additional taxes are going to be a greater deterrent. At some point…the magical lure of OC schools and the opposing taxation will reach critical mass. Can we not think of an alternative? The 1st district PTA has…lets sell something, like the Blackwell property… and after we sell a few things, then we can try something else novel, like control spending. This last step will be the hardest as particular voting blocks of the County have a learned appetite for government spending which is….not  “sustainable”.

from INDYWEEK Endorsements

Posted in In the media, Uncategorized on April 25, 2012 by seaweavermarine

We want politicians brave and bold enough to aim high.-INDYWEEK

I am not a democrat, running in a 122 year one party controlled county.

That is pretty Brave.

Not only must I win the district in which I am to serve…to do so I must also win the district that I do not serve.

That is brave, bold…and by default aims higher than any democrat running in Orange.

Thank you INDYWEEK.

Chris Weaver

Lydia Lavelle, Carboro Alderman says Rural Resident should Pay for Municipal Transit

Posted in In the media, Transit, Uncategorized on April 10, 2012 by seaweavermarine

” county residents should NOT  (cw)  receive transit services in proportion to their investment in the overall plan”-Lydia Lavelle

The Underlined is mine…but the implication is dead on.

A recent story on WCHL informed us that Orange County rural residents were upset because, although they represent 40% of the county population, they would only receive 12% of services under a newly proposed Orange County Bus plan.  One commissioner agreed, saying that it is crucial that county residents receive transit services in proportion to their investment in the overall plan.

I disagree.  Receiving services in proportion to one’s investment is not achievable, nor should it be, with regard to government services. -Lydia Lavelle

Well….It sure appears that  one portion (District One) is going to be recieving proportional  returns and then some. I’m confused…this must be Municipal math. Rural residents should not receive proportional returns…nor should we expect it?  What manner of thinking is this?  If I did not know better… I would think Rural Residents of Orange County are no better than Beasts of Burden to serve by this thinking. How deep do the harness straps cut into your shoulders my friends?  Who is driving this cart?  When will those that pull be allowed to ride?
Just…How much treasure of the rural Orange Citizen…is enough for Lydia Lavelle to satisfy her idea of proportional return on investment ? 

I shudder to wonder….

Reply to DTH Article on Light Rail

Did anyone see the plan put out by the Planning Department? A power point presentation…w/ THREE SLIDES on Light Rail….one of pretty pictures of Trains…The rest was minor…But it did include the route of the rail to which many are comparing to a UNC/ Duke employee shuttle. Really? well look at it.
This tax is a legacy tax. ALSO INCLUDED IS A TAG TAX FOR EVERY REGISTERED ROAD ITEM. It will never go away and that is NOT just for Citizens of Orange…but the State and the Nation. Note the flippant manner in which Local Government assumes state and federal funding….(play it again Sam) state and federal funding….
Has anyone seen the Federal Transit Data that is on record for…Charlotte?…CHAPEL HILL? These things BLEED dollars.
The economic development that will magically occur is a dream. Sorry…The citizens of this county were told of this bountiful harvest of econ diversity if….water and sewer were provided. It Has not happened. ANYONE wishing to “ride” the Econ Train will run headlong into a MASSIVE Unified Development Ordinance, Huge Permitting fees and red tape…AND a Historical Hostility to commercial FOR PROFIT growth (lets remember… non-profits add little to local coffers (the goal to reduce burden on property owners(… ideally)))
Charlotte’s numbers are Bad and we have not the base for”providing the rides, OR paying for the dream.
I suggest Rapid Buss service. Many communities around the nation are waking up to the costs of Light rail and are serving their communities w/ rapid Bus lines. The great thing, private individuals use the same infrastructure!
Look, we all want a cleaner environment…and we lead the WORLD and via the ICLEI (United Nations) 2007 planning Guide For Orange County We are doing very well indeed, but the Rent is TOO HIGH. The Costs never die. Charlotte is loosing $20 /rider. It is madness that serves a select few of the entire county…and that’s just in Charlotte!
Anyone seen what the Rural areas are getting? Crumbs. There are not even Park and ride locations being considered….for buses…that are not planned.
This is a completely self serving idea. It puts a huge burden on the County who will never ride a Train but will pay for it in their sleep.
Anyone remotely interested in moving people…in Chapel Hill…should get behind the CRAZY IDEA…of raising the speed limit on MLK from 35MPH to…….40MPH.

Fred Said…or didn’t….

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Reply To Fred Black, Political Science Commentator—Political—Science-/9707959?pid=224880

“After the election, someone will claim they didn’t vote because they didn’t know anything about the candidates,” 
(sound of head on desk(but smiling))  Fred! You could not bear to name ONE?

  “What’s interesting this year is that, in some of our races, winning the Democratic primary will not be tantamount to being elected, as there are seats where the winning Democrat will face the winning Republican in the general election”
Oh it could not be that interesting…! Again…not one was mentioned. Perhaps this is indicative of the “old way”
Or as interesting as there never has been a Republican on the Board in it’s history…In terms of political science this deviation alone should inaugurate a disquisition itself! Alas that is another column in… science!

 “I can’t help but see Newton’s “action – reaction” thing at work here”
The other tangent alluded to but not embarked upon is the political gerrymandering of district one always determining district two’s representation (and the perils of Stevens v Bartlett in accordance). This purposeful structuring for a high false discovery rate and intentional variance of results leads me to consider perhaps we are observing but the fist half of Newtons law set into motion and as yet to find equilibrium since the actions of Fredrick N. Strudwick in 1871.

141 years is a long time for an opposite reaction. Perhaps it simply(amazingly) a deviation from isochronism which could land someone a Nobel Prize had they a category for political physics!