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Compulsion is the first instinct of the clueless

Posted in Second Amendment, Uncategorized on June 6, 2012 by seaweavermarine

This past Tuesday night BoCC meeting ( June 5) finally addressed the Weapons Ordinance that was initially brought to the public in January of this year. The ordinance revision was brought about by Republican lead State General Assembly who created the Castle Laws and greatly expanded the areas in which Lawfully Permitted Citizens were allowed to carry their weapons in this state. The General Assembly did leave it up to local governments to ban the carry of weapons in select areas of parks and this is what the Board of Orange County Commissioner wished to do. The ordnance they issued last night was essentially the same one they presented in January but the limitation on pocket knives was removed and the law appears to be the maximum the state will allow a County to limit the carry of weapons. However, this law  passed by the BoCC last night showed a complete failure of the Board to display to the public that they fully grasped the subject matter.

The Law passed  imposes restrictions on lawful citizens ability to open and conceal carry their weapons and the Bocc failed to show how it would affect criminals. By creating and expanding  “Gun Free Zones”, the BoCC has simply expanded  target rich environments where criminals can feel safe from the threat of any citizen’s ability to  self defense  and as we saw with the cold blooded murder on the steps of a Chapel Hill School last week, gun free zones are no deterrent to criminals intent.

The Board had many failures in the crafting of this law. They failed to involve the citizens in crafting the ordinance as they indicated they would. They failed to accept the offer of free training and permitting to better inform their decision. They failed to understand the basic parameters of the exclusion zones as allowed by the state. And they failed to address the sum of their fear in declaring who was to be protected from whom by the passage of this law.

Perhaps it is this last component that is most irritating to me. They consistently attributed the actions of criminals to lawful citizens with out any reasoning as to why. This is a sensitive area for progressives as they loath to be judgmental publicly but have no issue dancing around it. When this judgmental behavior must be reconciled in  public forum, it exposes flaws in their rationalizations that are reflective of impulsive insecurities they harbor, thus the issue, or the sum of their fear is never directly addressed. Again, that would be…who are trying to protect and from whom by passage of this law.

I note these harbored feelings as impulsive as that can only be the true rational behind limiting the ability of citizens to provide for their own self defense. As Commissioner Jacobs (a declared CHP citizen) said ‘ I would not want a permitted citizen to be able to walk through a playground’, thus implying the commissioner does not even trust himself from an impulse that would suddenly compel him from a lawful citizen… to a criminal.  I have to wonder, what is it that keeps Commissioner Jacobs from suddenly crossing the center line on a two lane highway? What is it that keeps him from jerking the wheel into on coming traffic? What is the rationalization in his mind that allows him to drive… knowing that the oncoming traffic is subject to this same irrational impulse? This is the internal fight of the progressive and perhaps the source of the control nature they exhibit in so many of their policy decisions.

Freedom in the minds of many is a terrifying thought. If free people are prone to the same irrational impulsive  actions progressives harbor, freedom must be controlled, limited, confined and constrained.

Compulsion is the first instinct of the clueless. The BoCC in their noticeable failure to grasp the basic parameters of the State Law is a dead giveaway they are prone to compulsion. It is this same compulsion they have utilized to silently legitimize their action to constrain the freedom of lawfully fingerprinted,trained, and background checked citizens as if they were the criminals.

When the predator looks down upon the sheep, it will not choose the sheep wearing a dog.  Some sheep choose to blend in with prey and that is their choice but, the BoCC has just declared many public areas “dog free” and our tax dollars will be spent to post signs around these areas to notify the predators their security has been enhanced.